Use our vast network of contacts!

We count many qualified engineers amongst our clientele who are qualified to plan renewable energy projects or assume responsibility in matters of building regulations and related expert opinions. 

One of our main areas of advice and consultancy is planning liability. The market for planning liability is mainly on the side of the insurers, due to high claim numbers and the potential for major damage, as well as very long processing periods.  This is why many insurers have left this market. From the few who are still active, only a small proportion work with engineers in the renewable energy marketplace. Insurers questionnaires are very general and not suited to the specific requirements and the know-how the insurers have is limited to very few people.

Your advantage with EVK

We are specialists in the insurance cover of engineering professional and companies active in renewable energies.  We know the risks, make them transparent and have the best contacts to the few insurers still active in this field.