Hydropower – as individual as your plant

The use of the power generated by flowing water has a tradition going back hundreds of years and nowadays is the cornerstone of every modern energy mix. Energy from hydropower is popular amongst a wide range of operators, ranging from private individuals, clubs, communities and water boards as well as local and regional commercial energy providers.  This diversity and the individuality of almost all hydropower plants make it necessary to have just as diverse an insurance cover in order to safeguard the risks and activities of investors.

We have worked alongside hydropower plant operators continuously through their development since our very beginning.  Our team of expert insurance professionals will support you from the risk analysis to the technical completion of claims in a competent manner and with an open eye for any possible side risks. Due to the high standards we apply to quality of work at EVK and our vast experience in the industry we can provide our clients with special insurance concepts and solutions to safeguard your hydropower plants and their technical peripheral parts.