Diversity requires expert knowledge

Every use of energy storage has the same aim: to link fluctuating energy production from sun or wind to the heating and electric services of established consumer grids.  The economics of energy storage is influenced by the technology involved and how the electricity is used.  Tens of thousands of private homes use Lithium-Ion batteries.  These change electric energy into chemical energy, enabling it to be used later when required. Industrial and commercial companies include such energy storage units into their production to cover fluctuations.  Diversity is growing in the renewable energy industry.Batteriespeicher im Keller

We keep our business knowledge up to date by observing the market by way of trade fairs, discussing with our contemporaries, exploring Primary Control Energy and Local Heating Networks.  This know-how enables us to better understand our clients’ risks as an operator of renewable energy production and tailor our insurance products accordingly.   We recognise our clients’ needs at an early stage and can adapt our own in-house cover concepts to fit these requirements perfectly.  This has enabled us to successfully provide insurance solutions for many industrial-sized energy storage units.

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