Our expertise for your security

Numerous insurance brokers and agencies deal with the protection of their private and commercial risks on a daily basis. However, often a local insurance agency is not able to meet your requirements for an exact assessment of your risks or for giving advice or ongoing support and assistance in cases of damage. Sometimes due to a lack of expertise in the necessary knowledge, additional risks can arise instead of risk reduction!

The correct safeguarding of your existing risks determines our action. In order to be certain of our competence, we attach great importance to the qualification and training of our employees.Vortragsrunde Tine

In addition to our own apprentice training programme and the continuous training of our specialists, we ensure that our staff at EVK receives continuous professional training through the participation in a variety of training programmes.

Thanks to their expert knowledge, our specialists are actively involved in the further development of the quality of our consulting services and at the same time act as advisors to their colleagues for matters of specific specialised knowledge. The result of this is that our clients benefit from this dynamic exchange of knowledge and synergies across all insurance issues.

Our company is a member of the German Insurance Brokers Association (BDVM e.V), which requires it’s members to demonstrate a very high standard of professional abilities as a prerequisite of membership. We are committed through our membership to insure that we are always up to date with regard to the business and legal changes in the insurance industry.

The ever-increasing flow of information is the result of our many years of experience and our personal support. In addition, our work processes and quality of service are regularly checked and further developed through internal quality assurance.

We have to work for the trust our clients give us. A great number of companies have been trusting us for many years. This consistency and the numerous recommendations received from our client group speak for themselves.