At your side in case of a claim

Schadenbesichtigung Vollmer SchulteWhat if damage holds up your business operation? There is a simple answer to this; Contact EVK!  No matter whether a surge voltage damage on your photovoltaic system, a lightning strike to your wind turbine or a personal injury on your building site, we are always your first and direct point of contact.

We accept your claim report, take care of the communication and correspondence with the claims departments of the insurers, assist you with on-site appointments with assessors and evaluators and ensure that the damage is handled as smoothly as possible. Our extensive experience with damage claims as well as our network of both plant and legal experts, will be a great help to you.

In case of claims we are available to help you on the following telephone number +49 (0)171 / 8768565

Your claim photos can be sent per Whatsapp +49 (0)151 / 581 399 67